Dear Post 5 Members,                                                                                              March 1st, 2020

March 1st, 2020: Post meeting at 2pm in the Peterborough Community Center on Elm Street.
Sunday March 8th is Daylight Savings Time- spring ahead (loose an hour)
April 5th, 2020: Post meeting- we need volunteers besides Alan Zeller, Allison and Roger Cabana to give out poppies in May! Giving out poppies is very important for three reasons: first, it reminds the population that there are veterans among us; second, we try to explain the meaning behind the poppies and a little bit about WWI; and third, all the money raised is used just for veterans and their needs. It cannot be used to support Posts.

In Memory: David Clow’s older brother William “Bill” Henry Clow died February 4th, 2020. Bill served in the Army during Vietnam and served 8 plus years. He was a member of the American Legion in Hillsborough for 50 plus years. In lieu of flowers a $25.00 contribution was given to Concord Regional VNA Hospice House, 240 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301. He was buried in the veterans’ cemetery in Boscawen NH.

New member: Clay Johansson of Saint Peters, MO. Clay served in the Army during Vietnam. His home of record when he entered the service was Jaffrey. The Post currently has 200 members and needs 15 to make 100%. We are currently at 93.02%.

Sick call: Robert Blanchette, from Inverness, FL; Ralph Tibbetts, from Rindge; David Geoffrey, John Sewall and Gordon Stone from Peterborough; Barbara Campbell of Keene; Commander Oliver Brooks of Woodsville NH;

Congratulations to Roger O. Block of Peterborough, Robert O. Blanchette of Inverness FL, and Henry “Hank” A. Campbell of Dublin who received a certificate of continuous membership for 50 years in Post 5.

At the Post meeting in February, Marc Cramer suggested that the students of Sara Norby at SMS request from the veterans a picture of them in uniform as well as one when they were kids so that maybe the students could relate better to them.

On Wednesday, February 12th, we had our first monthly gathering of the Pheasantwood Veterans group. There were seven Pheasantwood veterans attending, and everyone participated, sharing when and why they joined the military.  Future gatherings will include some of their military memories. Other Pheasantwood veterans may join us in the future. There are over 20 veterans currently living there. Today’s participants were:
Ray Monsette: Army, Charlie Beauregard: Air Force, Gil Silva: Marines, Don Mahoney: Army,
Bill Ashcroft: Army, Carl Britton: Navy, and Steve LaBossiere: Navy.
Dunkin Donuts supplied the coffee, and will also supply donuts in the future.
The Veterans group will meet on the second Wednesday of each month, at 10 AM.  The next meeting will be March 11th.  Please join us!
Dick Loudon: Air Force

On Saturday, February 15th, the New Hampshire American Legion held its District 2 high school oratorical contest at Post #23 in Milford. The District #2 Oratorical Chairperson Steve Roy, Commander of Post 50 in Antrim ran the contest with five contestants. The winner of the District for the second year in a row was Liam McCall of Peterborough and he will go on to represent Peterborough Post 5 at the State contest on March 7th at St Anslem’s College. The speeches were 8-10 minutes based on the Constitution and Liam’s speech was titled “No Taxation Without Representation” and for the second part the contestants had to give a 3-5 minute speech on the 20th Amendment which was one of four amendments that they had to familiarize themselves with and then only one was drawn out of a hat. Their speeches are all done with no prompts.

Monthly Sea Cadet report: February saw Monadnock Squadron undergo its eighth annual inspection on Feb. 16, conducted by our Regional Director, LCDR Andrew Nash, NSCC. Squadron score was approximately 70%, a passing grade (final tally is forthcoming within 30 days). Major areas in which the squadron was marked down were mostly related to our limited number of cadets, although a change in some of the formulae resulted in lower scores for most commands nationwide. We also signed up our 11th cadet on Saturday; he participated in Sunday’s personnel inspection, albeit not without some fear and trepidation on his part. He has a younger brother who may possibly join soon. Thank you to the Post members who came to the inspection!
Respectfully submitted, John Franklin
The Cadets need new uniforms and the Post who sponsors them is donating $250.00 towards them.

American Legion Department of New Hampshire Children and Youth Committee PACK A PACK Campaign Look around in your area and I am certain you will see, or even know of, a child that is either homeless or a member of a family that is having difficulties making ends meet. Sometimes small expenses, such as school supplies, are a burden that cannot be met. Many of you are old enough to remember when school supplies were given to each student to start the New Year. This is a thing of the past. The children and Youth Committee is mounting a PACK A PACK campaign that will give those struggling students some of the things that are needed to start the new school year. Each child would receive the following: A pack to hold books and supplies–Pencil sharpener–Box of colored pencils–Pack of No. 2 pencils–Erasers–Pair of student scissors–Glue sticks–Spiral notebook –12″ plastic ruler–Pack of ballpoint pens–2-pocket folders. These items will be purchased in bulk with your donations to keep the cost of each item down and fill more packs. I am asking each District, Post, SAL, and Unit for donations for the purpose of filling these Packs. If you are able to make a donation, please make the check payable to the Department of New Hampshire. They can be mailed to the following location. American Legion Post 43, 56 Boutwell Street, Manchester, NH 03102. ATTN: Wayne PerraI would like to thank you in advance for your generosity in making this campaign a success. I look forward to meeting many of you as I visit District Meetings in the coming months. Wayne Perra, Chairman Children and Youth Committee Department of New Hampshire. Post 5 gave $100 last fall.

We posted this last month: A veterans committee of four from Post 5 has been formed in Dublin to gather the names of those who served during the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts and their home of record when they were sworn in was Dublin. The purpose of this inquiry is that Dublin is planning on creating two plaques to honor those who served and do not wish to leave anyone’s name off of the plaques.
So far the committee has come up with 20 names for the Korean plaque and 46 names for the Vietnam plaque. During the Korean Conflict Abner Sawyer Black of Cobb Meadow Road in Dublin was killed at the age of 21. Corporal Black was a fire team leader in Company F, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was Killed in Action while attacking enemy positions in Korea on March 29, 1953, when he was struck by enemy mortar fragments. Abner and Charles “Buddy” Blanchette of Peterborough were two soldiers who died in Korea.
The committee consists of Brian Barden (563-8006), Hank Campbell, Dale Gabel and Wayne Thomas (563-8376). Please get in touch with us if you served during these dates from Dublin: June 25th, 1950- January 31st, 1955 and December 22, 1961- May 7th, 1975 which are guidelines set by the Federal Government. If anyone has any suggestions to how to come up with names please let us know. This is not easy.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will kick off the Cathedral of the Pines 75th Anniversary
Cathedral of the Pines is a national memorial dedicated to the memory and honor of all Americans who serve the Nation in the search of peace. We are open to the public as a place of spiritual, cultural, and environmental appreciation. Please consult our website for the best directions and to check times..         info@cathedralofthepines
Saturday, August 22   • The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall arrives
Sunday, August 23   • 9:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony for the Wall
• 11:00 a.m. Interfaith Service – Local Veterans Groups to guard the wall and serve as guides from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. -Refreshments after  • 5:00 p.m. Decatur Creek Concert
Monday, August 24   • 9:00 a.m. Opening of Wall Visitation
Tuesday, August 25   • 9:00 a.m. Opening of Wall Visitation
• Local Veteran’s Salute – Luncheon/Pizza party -Veteran’s Stories
Wednesday, August 26   • The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall leaves
(This is a tentative schedule and the Sea Cadets have been asked to participate.)

Contact Information:
The American Legion
Cheney-Armstrong Post 5 NH
PO Box 172,
Peterborough NH
cell: 603-759-3134

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne E. Thomas,

The Post will gratefully accept donations for the General Fund, Scholarship Fund or 2018 Poppy Fund. The Post is a non-profit so your gift is tax deductible.

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